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Fittings and accessories


We produce fittings for the interconnection of submersible electric pumps with flanged pipes and accessories for wells of both standard dimensions and based on specific customer designs, to satisfy the most diverse needs for connecting pipes in artesian wells.

Fittings for electric pumps

Flanged pump-pipe connection

  • The flanged pump-pipe connection allows the connection of the vertical column of flanged pipes to the electric pumps with flanged delivery.

Threaded pump-pipe connection

  • The threaded pump-pipe connection allows the vertical column of flanged pipes to be coupled with the electric pumps with threaded delivery.

Consult our catalog to find out more about fittings for electric pumps and in general more information about our flanged products.

Accessories for wells

Straight well cap

  • The well cap represents the terminal part of the artesian well and at the same time performs the function of supporting the entire flanged column.

Curved well cap

  • The termination can be either straight or curved, depending on the need for interconnection of the system to be built on the surface.

Given the countless models of electric pumps on the market and the disparate interconnection needs required, the connection accessories with flanged pipes are made upon specific customer request.

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  • The flange that couples with the flanged pipe has the same characteristics reported in the table.
  • The coupling flange with the electric pump, in the case of fittings, or surface piping, in the case of well caps, depends on the type of pipe used by the customer and must be customized on request.
  • Diameters of fittings and well caps range from 2″ to 6″.
  • All fittings and accessories can be requested in galvanized carbon steel or in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel.