Vertical pipelines

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A pipe that extends vertically between one level and another is a vertical pipeline

A vertical riser pipeline is a pipe that extends vertically between one level and another for the purpose of transporting or distributing water, liquids, steam, gas, etc. They are used in water treatment plants, pumping stations, overhead tank connections, vertical pipelines in skyscrapers and countless other applications.

Typical materials


They can be made of different materials, mainly metallic or plastic, although those made of metallic material, in particular stainless steel, are commonly more resistant and have a longer life.

Flanged Pipes


Riser pipes typically must transport fluids or gases under pressure, so they must guarantee excellent pressure resistance. This is ensured by the flange connection.

The solution is the flanged pipe

Thanks to the countless advantages of the flanged connection and the durability of the steel, flanged pipes are excellently suited to being used as vertical riser pipes.

We offer a wide selection of flanged pipes for submersible electric pumps and vertical axis pumps, including accessories, fittings and supports.

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