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Flanged pipes


The flanged pipes for vertical axis centrifugal pumps are used in connecting the command unit, placed on the surface and driven by tractors, diesel or electric engines, to the pump body, made up of a defined number of stages and placed at a certain depth. The mechanical connection between the two groups occurs via flanged pipes, between which a special support with rubber bearing is positioned, which allows the drive shaft to be housed and which transmits the rotation motion from the command unit to the pump.



Guaranteed compatibility with the main brands of vertical axis pumps available on the market.


Ease of assembly thanks to the accessories and supports supplied with the pipe.


Resistance to traction, torsion and impacts make it a reliable means of transport.

They also offer high resistance to corrosion and rust, excellent sealing and safety against any pressure fluctuations and a uniform thickness of the pipes. For more information on the advantages offered by flanged pipes for vertical axis pumps, consult the dedicated website page.


We produce flanged pipes and related accessories for vertical axis pumps with diameters ranging from 3″ to 5″ compatible with the main brands of vertical pumps: Caprari, Rovatti, Zanni, Mec-2, Landini, and others upon specific customer request.

  • The pipe is typically made of carbon steel with the possibility of varnishing or galvanizing, or it is made of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel.

  • The standard size is approximately 3 meters, depending on the specific brand (see type and characteristics tables).

  • The flanges are made of forged steel, completely machined, and of minimal size, given the small dimensions of the wells, with different characteristics and measurements based on the brand of the vertical pump.

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Main models

Carbon steel pipe


With or without welding

Carbon steel pipe


With or without welding

Stainless steel pipe

AISI 304

Optional AISI 316


  • Upon customer request, it is possible to produce compatible tubes for other brands and with customized dimensions.
  • Thicknesses and weights shown in the table refer to carbon steel pipes. For stainless steel pipes to be defined at the time of order.