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Your reference for flanged pipes:
reliable products and quality information is an Irritecnica’s idea, which aims to create a reference site for flanged steel pipes for all types of applications.

We want to show the customer in a simple and effective way what our main products are, their characteristics and the care taken in their creation.

The site also aims to be a quick information collector on the topic of flanged pipes, aiming to make the customer aware of the possibilities and advantages offered by this type of product.

30 years of flanged pipes

Our long experience in the production and sale of flanged pipes has led us to become a point of reference in the sector. Our strengths:

Why choose us


We always try to approach the customer in a coherent and respectful manner, because we strongly believe that a supplier-customer relationship must first of all be based on mutual trust.


Our know-how allows us to offer a service based on knowledge and empirical data, and to leverage methodologies refined over the years and the state of the art of the technique, so that the products always operate at maximum performance and efficiency.

After-sales service

We believe that the customer should not be left to fend for himself after the sale of the product, rather it is precisely at this point that support must be intensified, providing all the technical consultancy that the customer needs to use the product.

Affordable prices

We are able to offer our products at affordable prices for the customer, thanks to the use of automated machinery that allows us to make the production effective and efficient and raw materials coming from national and international stocks.

Customer oriented

We are not simply a catalog of products, but a company that likes to listen to the customer’s needs, creating a value exchange mechanism, where the supplier makes his expertise available and the customer provide his use cases and needs to allow future improvements of the service offered.

Continuous improvement

Through innovation and automation we are always looking for continuous improvement of our products and services.

Customer feedback

We are always open to our customers’ feedback, in order to provide products and services that are increasingly in line with their expectations.

Technical consultancy

We offer technical advice and professional pre- and post-sales support on our products via telephone, email or on site.

How we work

1. Requirements

We help define the requirements
of the product and/or project.

2. Proposal

We propose the best
solution to the problem.

3. Realization

We build the product according
to the defined requirements.

We then follow the customer in all phases, from shipping the product to its installation and after-sales assistance.


Years of production


Satisfied customers


Pipes/year produced


Quality materials

30 years of flanged pipes production, but a much longer history...

For 30 years our pipes have allowed farmers and industries to transport water and other liquids in the most reliable and long-lasting way possible, avoiding waste and in an eco-sustainable manner. Because what has value is not the means, but what it carries!

Roberto Zannone